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Horses & Carriages

We treat our horses with compassion and respect.
After all, they are part of our family!

Our Horses

Horses have always been a large part of our lives and our livlihood. Literally, they are the backbone of our farm and carriage business.

We have a great deal of fondness and respect for these business partners of ours. Some might say we suffer from "horse addiction" because we really have more horses than we need - we have them big, small, fancy, plain, young and old, and in almost every color. If we ever win the lottery, we will probably buy more horses. Why? Because in the evening, when we relax and look at all the beautiful horses grazing in our field... all is right in the world.


Mr. Tom and Mr. PikelTom and Mr. Pikel (driven by Charles) are
Belgian Geldings who are willinig, kind, and consistent workers.







Lori and SheilaLori and Sheila, our Percheron Mares,
ride, drive, do farm work, and pose beautifully!








Mr. Pikel and Mary
Mr. Pikel gives Mary a ride
"Village Farm Bank Buster" (or "Buster") is our 37" mini stalllion. He is kind, willing, and hard working. He drives, rides, and does farm chores.


Lou, Andy, and Little Man Patches
Lou and Andy, Andulusion geldings and Little Man Patches, a Pony of America.
"Little Man" is quite the athlete!



Destiny, a Palomino, is a retired trick pony.


Our horses

Jack (Clydesdale),Ben (Belgian), Tom (Belgian), Jake (Clydesdale), Bunny (mule), and Lorie (Percheron). All these animals primarily drive and will be ridden when we get the time to train them.


Our Vehicles

Forget the rush hour. See the country as it was meant to be seen - slowly, with only the sound of horses' feet and Mother Nature. We travel approximately 4 miles per hour in all vehicles.

Estate CarriageOur elegant estate carriage comfortabley carries up to twelve average sized adults. Six can sit in the middle, four can sit in the back and two can sit next to the driver.







Hay WagonTwenty or more adults and children can sit in our red hay wagon if bales are put in the center aisle.






Sleigh RidesOur wooden sleigh will hold up to 4 adults.








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