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Horse Drawn Carriage Rides - Demonstrations - Themed Events

Experience scenic Hunterdon County from the seat of a horse drawn carriage!  Close to Bucks and Montgomery counties, guests can enjoy a "staycation" with friends and family making a memorable journey "over the river and through the woods" and through the only wooden covered bridge in New Jersey.  Go through The Green Sergeants bridge the old fashioned way and listen to the clip clop of the horses feet on the wooden planks of this historic landmark.   

Countryside drives in all seasons can start or end with a meal at one of Stockton's fine restaurants or cafés. Taking a drive through the last remaining covered wooden bridge in New Jersey is always a favorite option. Experience history by "clip clopping" through the bridge like our ancestors did!

We have been called for birthday parties, family gatherings, anniversary celebrations, picnics, proposals, weddings, and funerals.

We have gift certificates too!

NOTE: All of our services are weather dependent. High winds, lightening, thunderstorms, ice and excessive heat can prevent our providing a safe experience for you and our animals. We will always advise you if weather conditions are a concern and will work with you to reschedule your event or outing.


Countryside DrivesCountryside Drives

We go out in all seasons. Don't miss the spring leaves emerging, the summer evening air, the dazzling fall foliage, or the snow cover in the woods. Breathe in each season. Listen to the gurgling brooks and the echo of the horses' footfalls inside the only wooden covered bridge in New Jersey. Bring a picnic basket, a blanket, and thermos of hot cocoa!



WeddingsOur estate carriage is elegant enough for the bride and groom and yet big enough should you want to give the whole wedding party a ride!





Fall Foliage Drives

The Northeast has beautiful fall colors. Peak season for the Stockton, New Jersey area is mid October. Come dazzle yourself with gold and orange foliage. Watch the leaves spin and swirl and rain down on you like you were in a glass snow globe.

Summer Sunset Drives

A summer's eve drive through the woods is so relaxing. Hold hands with your loved one or bring your family and share conversation about your day. This is a great way to take a "Staycation!" Bring a basket of hors d'oeuvres and dine as you tour the countryside.

Driving Lessons

Driving LessonsWe use safe and experienced horses for your driving lessons. We can help you learn the basics and develop your skills to the level you desire, whether that be driving a single mini for pleasure or show, or driving a draft horse gang for plowing a field.



TV & Commercial services

Theme EventsOur horses "attended" the Philly Fanatic's birthday party, were featured in an antique treasure hunter's show, have shown their skills on Extreme History ["Surviving the First 100 Years of the FDNY"] with Roger Daltry, and our lovely Lorie posed iwth Elizabeth Hurley as a Jordash Jeans horse!



Theme Events

Theme EventsTalk to us about what you have in mind! We have done circus, medieval, Halloween, Victorian, reenactment events and others!




Jingle Bell Drives

Jingle Bell DrivesYes, we do go "over the river and through the woods!" Make a forever holiday memory. We will meet you locally and take you to a tree farm in the horse drawn vehicle of your choice. We will wait for you while you pick your own greens or tree then tie it to our vehicle or to its own sled and bring it back to your car with jingling harness bells all the way!



Sleigh Rides

Sleigh RidesOur sleigh is an antique wooden sled used for hauling loads in the winter. It seats up to four passengers on straw bales and we go out for 30 minute jaunts when conditions permit. It is a lot of fun but, unfortunately, we have to have enough snow to take it out!





Plowing / Logging/ Farm work Demonstrations

PlowingWe regularly use our horses for farm work. Sulky plowing, gang plowing, disking, harrowing, cultivating, logging, and other farm work are all familiar to our horses. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you through lessons, internships or a work share arrangement. Call for pricing if you want us to plow your garden or harvest your wood lot.



"Big Pony Rides"

In response to all of the requests we get about "what it is like to ride a draft horse," we offer "big pony rides" for children of all ages. These are safe, slow rides on a draft horse wearing either a work harness or saddle and led by a human walker. Call for pricing.


“If you want a fanfare with your arrival or departure,
Robert will help you feel like royalty!”

Stockton Carriage Tours


Stockton Carriage Tours
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